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1: The Adventures of Lunchbag Rodriguez
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2: Compulsively Making Things Worse
By: H3OsMama

3: Luna Tics
By: lunamor

4: knifeboy
By: knifeboy

5: soundecho
By: soundecho

6: Caution: life in progress
By: CaptainMando

7: LostChyld
By: lostchyld

8: Thanks for all the Fish
By: Dirty Rock

9: rockboy
By: Dirty Rock

10: Why, Yes My Blog IS Real.....Real Deleted!
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From the Blog: knifeboy

From the Blog: nightie

From the Blog: Matt will fix it

From the Blog: Matt will fix it

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Didn't the guys from Jackass try something like that?
That's some Stefon-hottest-NYC-club shit, right there.
Finger in the ass while being punched in the face by a midget wearing giant inflatable boxing gloves?
The yogurt incident was years ago. Didn't affect my enjoyment of yogurt one bit. Dead bodies in the parking lots of my grocery stores, on the other hand, really suck. Well, I mean, not anymore, but you get what I mean.
God. Ivwill never look at yogurt the same. Which sucks, because I usually eat yogurt for breakfast.
I'm back. There are a lot of different definitions for roundabout. I guess it's a catch-all---which is actually one of the definitions, sort of.
Great. My morning was a-ok. Now I have to look up the dirty definition of round about. Be right back....
Roundabout is a sexual position in Australia, isn't it?
Finding someone who can write like that is such a gift - it's fun to sit back and wonder how someone came to a beautiful selection of just-right words. I'm so sorry to hear about the divorce costs...that just sucks. Talk about adding insult to injury! I was a little low last weekend myself. Not terrible, but I didn't really do anything, and ate like shit, which made it worse.

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