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That has been my view of the situation for several years now.
Stop spending the night so that the two have time to search Tinder for someone better.

On Ramble. In the blog Blackbird Hidden
Awesome news!!! Glad you enjoyed the festival - I'm waaaaay toooooo ooooold for that shit!

On Aftermath In the blog lemonade
Yeah, I figured you get it as we were talking about it the other night. Even though it's never GONE, sometimes you're going along blissfully unaware of the crap for 5 minutes and then you get reminded in surprising and shitty ways. Meh.
I feel ya. Big time. I was just going through Autumn's MD Anderson portal and list of malignancies/locations made me sick. Like you said--just seeing it in black and white is a punch to the gut. I'm glad he's getting the help he needs. Goddamn seizures. So unfair.
Ha! I'm not really THAT busy, I don't think. I just seem to have days where everything is crammed into one day. I suppose all 3 kids still needing me to do stuff makes it a little busier. Hopefully by the end of this year Joey will be more self-sufficient.
I don't know how you do it, girl. I am sure you have to distance yourself as much as you can from the things you're reading. This is one of the many reasons I can't believe in God - if he really is everywhere, where was he when a 5 year old was getting raped? Just watching? Total bullshit. Anyway. I am glad things are trucking along ok in your household...that sort of peace a gift. :) I love you!

On Ramble. In the blog Blackbird Hidden
Good story tellers are awesome. Boss Sr., asshole that he is, is a great story teller. You just have to know listening to him that half of it isn't true, but it's so entertaining you don't really care.
Yes, Steve. We can get decent verde salsa here. It's surprising, I know, but it's there.
Although it is disturbing because of what you are exposed to, I don't think you can be too empathetic. That is a good quality....keep it. (please note I corrected a typo in which I said "deep it".....I'm trying to decide if that was Freudian)

On Ramble. In the blog Blackbird Hidden